Simplicity 2648: The Finished Dress

This Simplicity dress wound up taking longer than I thought it would, though it was overall easy to put together.  Everything went smoothly until I got to the neckline facing.  For some reason, whether it be the fabric, sewer (or sewist, if you preferr, though that’s an issue for another post) error, or some combination, I could not get that facing to stay put where it belongs on the inside of the dress.  After messing with this facing for  good hour, I flung the dress into a corner and moved on to other projects (hence, why there hasn’t been a follow-up post yet).  I did go back later in the day to fold the dress so it wouldn’t wrinkle, but I basically ignored it until the day before I had to leave for the wedding I was planning to wear the dress to.  Sounds familiar, I’m sure.

Following the strange logic of the universe, when I came back to the dress several days later, another session with a hot iron helped tame the argumentative facing.  After that, all that was left to do was to hem the bottom.  Although I kind of wanted an invisible hem, I went with a straight stitch and a double needle because it was easier and faster, and I had more stuff to do.

I started noticing the first little flaw with my dress planning when I got the six pieces that make up the front sewn together.  When I cut the pieces, I failed to consider the variegated nature of my fabric and where each piece would end up respective to another.  The result, what I’m calling my checkerboard dress.  The checkerboard-ish lines don’t seem as noticeable with a thick belt, as seen in the pictures,so maybe the belt will live with the dress now.

Other than the checkerboard lines, I really like the way the dress turned out.  I cut and sewed a straight size 10, with the suggested petite modifications.  Though I did eliminate the back zipper, since I used a stretchy knit.  I think the skirt could maybe go down a size, but the top fits well, so I’m calling this a success.  I may wind up making the dress again, in a dark, solid color.  I’m thinking navy.  But that won’t happen for several weeks as I have a whole list of projects to get done in the next week.


5 thoughts on “Simplicity 2648: The Finished Dress

  1. Cute dress!!! I love the “checkerboard effect”. It actually looks intentional! I’m debating making this dress myself. BTW, welcome to the blogosphere!!!

    • Thanks. I’ve worn the dress a few times now (with the belt) and don’t notice the checkerboard look anymore. Possibly because the dress is just so comfortable that I just don’t care. I recommend the pattern if you are looking for a new dress pattern.

  2. I have made this dress in a rayon, and I put in a lining for the skirt as an extra. It is a great pattern, and very comfortable to wear. I have had many comments on the fit.

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