Winter 2013 6PAC Plan: Boring Basics

If you couldn’t tell from the title, I’m calling my upcoming winter 6PAC boring basics (see a description of the 6PAC sew-along andthe current thread here on Artisan’s Square). As the weather has been cooling down and I’ve been reaching for long sleeved shirts and sweaters, I realized basically all of my ‘nice’ (ie good to wear to work) shirts are more appropriate for summer rather than winter.

For winter, the basic formula is:

1 – warm topper! coat, thick jacket, heavy sweater, something for cool temperatures – ideally a dark neutral
2 – lighter topper – cardigan, shirt – a colour
3 – a top to wear under the toppers – in a light or dark neutral
4 – another top to wear under the toppers – in shade of the colour
5 – a bottom, dark neutral
6 – another bottom, dark neutral

My bottoms will be two pairs of ‘dressy jeans’ – one black with black top-stitching, and either black with a little more visual interest (black with white/grey/silver stitching and light decorative stitching on the pockets) or charcoal grey with matching stitching. Two long sleeved shirts – one cowl or turtleneck sweater in teal and one in a teal/navy/green version of the same fabric that I used for my split collar sweater blogged here. As for the outer layers/toppers, I have more of a need for casual office-wear rather than a warm coat, so I’m thinking of making both views of M6844 cardigan, one grey and one black. Or else returning to my favorite jacket pattern, Simplicity 1919 and making a lined version, interlined with fleece for warmth.Or maybe some other jacket pattern.

My current storyboard looks something like this, though is subject to change:


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